Quality Management System

The Lacovale. - Electrostatic Painting and joinery, Lda, has as basic principle ensure the quality of its products and services keeping this commitment to all its customers.
We invest in training our employees, promoting team spirit and mutual aid in our company, always enforcing the standard for which we are certified - NP EN ISO 9001: 2008 since June 2015. This certification is based continuous improvement of the quality management system, which will lead to Lacovale to a very high quality level of both products, as the service to all customers. This standard requires annual audits, and this certificate is valid anywhere in the world.
Since all rowed in the same direction, we have the huge goal, take our quality as far as possible ... also reaching international markets.

Development Engineering

The project development is the basis for us to get a cost effective and highest quality product. Our choice fell on DR. EBA, highly rated software that automatically develops from the 3D model, all the information required for the production (laser cutting, bending and welding).
For projects in 2D, recently acquired a gifted equipment of the latest technology. The FabriVISION is a laser scanner that allows us to make a 2D drawing from a physical piece in less than 12 seconds, and also in this equipment, the possibility of dimensional control.

Laser Cutting

High-tech equipment, which due to its flexibility allows us to cut all kinds of metal materials with the most varied forms, reflecting the CAD / CAM system, which is incorporated in this type of equipment. We have two kinds of laser (CO2 and optical fiber) which allows to transform raw materials such as carbon steel (20mm), AISI (10mm), aluminum (8mm), brass and titanium (5mm) and copper (4mm).
The maximum permissible dimensions are 3000x1500.


Because of the specificity and accuracy of our products, we had the need to purchase new equipment cnc bending, which has the highest existing technology in this area. It allows us to quinar 3 meters, maximum bending force of 100 tons

Industrial Locksmiths

We perform great expertise processes such as TIG, MIG, MAG, electrode and resistance in materials such as carbon steel (iron), aisi (stainless steel) and aluminum.

Electrostatic painting

High production painting and fine workmanship, with paint coating in thermoset powder.
It differs considerably from painting with liquid paint, particularly in application methods, visual appearance and its resistance.
This film does not soften even when subjected to climatic variations.
Our company has a manual line / robot consisting of a tunnel treatment, a drying tunnel, a paint booth, a booth polymerization, two robots and a transmission line; and fixed paint booth for parts of scale beyond the robotic line.

Urban Solutions

We develop and create various types of urban solutions, made for modern urban areas.
With very well defined concepts as protection and innovation.
Produce scan cars, Super Hoops for container, protective barriers and bollards as the maximum exponent of innovation, security and user protection.
We also provide aisi finishes (stainless steel) and carbon steel (iron) galvanized or thermo.
All our urban cleaning cars can be fitted and accessories such as brooms, shovels, rakes, vinyl advertising, among others.