2016 - Extension of our warehouse in 2000 m2, laser cutting equipment installation.

2014 - Electrostatic Painting in line with the acquisition of a new industrial line painting.

2012 - Year of investment in training of our staff, a whole year intensive training.

2011 - yet another essential piece Entrance, the daughter and sister of the partners, Carla Soares is now part of Lacovale.

2010 - Renewal of our graphic.

2008 - This year the big news was the purchase of our current warehouse!

2005 - Lacovale decided to cover their service to the world of blacksmithing.
This year bought a locksmith company and attach to painting.

2004 - Year in which Pedro Soares, son of the founder, becomes managing partner of Lacovale, a piece founded mental.

1996 - It was in this year that Lacovale was founded with the managing partner Carlos Soares current.

Who we are?

The Lacovale is an electrostatic painting company, locksmith services and currently is in the implementation phase of a cutting line laser and growth bending cnc.
It is our focus to ensure the quality of our services and products, satisfying customers who trust our company. To this end, we always seek to innovate and improve, keeping us constantly updated. We always try to respond to market demands and invest in environmental sustainability and our products are almost entirely recyclable.
The market for metalworking we are in a very competitive level, however we aim to bring our quality further ... reach the international market.

Mission & Values


It is our focus to ensure the quality of our services and products providing customers more competitive ability to market competition.
Promoting a family atmosphere, characteristic of Lacovale wrapped professionalism and social and environmental responsibility.


Adapt Lacovale of interests according to the clients interests;
Offer quick and effective solutions to the customer;
Keep the Family now, knowing all the pros and cons, it is our strategy to save this company and family environment that characterizes us.

Who we are?