Technology and Innovation


Who we are?

The Lacovale is an electrostatic painting company, locksmith services and currently is in the implementation phase of a cutting line laser and growth bending.
It is our focus to ensure the quality of our services and products, satisfying customers who trust our company cnc.
The market for metalworking we are in a very competitive level, however we aim to bring our quality further.



Adapt Lacovale of interests according to the clients interests. Offer quick and effective solutions to the customer Keep the Family company, knowing all We pr and cons, it is our strategy to save this company and family environment that characterizes us.


It is our focus to ensure the quality of our services and products providing the customer more competitiveness for competiçõo market. Promoting a family atmosphere, characteristic of Lacovale wrapped professionalism and social and environmental responsibility.


2016 - Extension of our warehouse in 2000 m2, laser cutting equipment installation.

2014 - Electrostatic Painting in line with the acquisition of a new industrial line painting.


Mobile application

Available soon!


What customers say?

You know who is the best salesman in the world? The satisfied customer, he sells his company, brand, product and does not charge commission.

Break free from pre-established concepts, focus on demand of his client meets his needs and SALE!